PlayStation 2 Console (New Smaller Model)

The new smaller version of the PlayStation 2 gaming console (Abbreviated as PS2) matches the size of a hardcover book that makes it easier to carry around and play games anytime, anywhere. The console has an integrated Ethernet port for network gaming. The volume of the new smaller model of PS2 has been reduced by about 75% while its thickness has been trimmed down to 2.8 cm as compared to 7.8 cm in its previous model. The unit’s weight has also been halved.

The overhauled internal design of the unit incorporates the power supply into the console itself, thus reducing its weight considerably. The unit is Sony’s second video gaming console under the PlayStation series. It is a successor of PlayStation and the predecessor of the PlayStation 3. The console inherits the basic functions of the PlayStation. Due to its thinner profile, the console does not contain a 3.5″ expansion bay and therefore does not support the internal hard disk drive.

The PS2 is part of the sixth generation era. The unit has a large collection of widely acclaimed games like Grand Theft Auto series, Metal Gear Solid 3, Gran Turismo 4, the Sly Cooper trilogy, Champions: Return to Arms, and Shadow of the Colossus. Horror games available on the console include Silent Hill, Forbidden Siren, Project Zero and Resident Evil. The console also features music games like Sing Star, Dance Revolution and the guitar controller-based Guitar Hero series.

The sheer enjoyment one gets from the PS2 makes it an essential purchase. The console’s hardware can read both CDs and DVDs and is backward compatible with PlayStation games. The unit also supports PlayStation memory cards and controllers. There is also support for the internal PlayStation 2 HDD. The device is equipped with DVD-playback functionality, USB support and IEEE 1394 expansion ports.

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