Xbox 360 Vs Playstation 3 Vs Nintendo Wii – Which is the Right Console For You?

Console gaming is fast becoming the biggest pastime, most households own at least one games console. More and more new technologies become available all the time, with so many different systems on the Market which one is the best? That can only be decided by you as each console has its own strengths and weaknesses, and each one could be suitable for one household and not another. As an avid gamer and owner of most consoles I hope to shed a little light on the answer for you.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo have been making game consoles for many years, their latest creation the Wii is an amazing piece of kit which on release was ahead of its time. The motion sensor method of controlling your game has revolutionized the way lots of people get their exercise these days, with the creation of the Wii fit.

Nintendo in my opinion make some of the best family games, with characters like super Mario it is all good clean wholesome fun. While the Wii does have some more adult titles it is the kid friendly ones it is best known for.

I find the Wii a great console encouraging you to get up out of your chair and immerse yourself in the experience, but graphically I feel it can’t keep up with the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

Xbox 360

This truly is an excellent game console; it has nearly everything you could possibly want. Xbox live is a really effective portal to online gaming that is easy to use, within minutes you could be playing your favourite games with someone the other side of the world.

Initially It did not have motion sensor capabilities, but that is about to change with the kinect system being released shortly.

There is a great mix of games available for all members of the family. The Xbox does have HD capabilities and as such is in my opinion graphically superior to the Wii; the ability to download movies and games direct to the hard drive is awesome. All these reasons make the Xbox an exciting addition to any home entertainment set up.

PlayStation 3

For me though it has to be a PlayStation 3. It has everything online games, huge hard drive for the mass of downloadable content. The catalogue of games available for the ps3 is immense, with great shooters and family games too.

HD gaming on the ps3 has to be seen to be believed and with more great titles coming the future is looking good. One of the main reasons I enjoy my PlayStation 3 so much is not only will it play games but it is a very decent blu ray player too.

All the reasons above are from my personal experiences, playing games with friends and family. Ultimately you will choose the game console that suits your situation best, so enjoy all it has to offer and have many years of happy gaming.

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Pros and Cons of Games Consoles

If you’re actually reading this commentary on ‘Consoles Games’ you’re probably a gaming customer or indeed enthusiast trying to understand whether visiting a website on this subject matter actually presents any real value in assisting in looking for a suitable purchase.

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How Can Console Games help you?

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Our aim at Consoles Games is to develop a place of great excitement for video games lovers to discuss and predict about the features of old and new upcoming video games and respective platforms.

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Xbox 360 Console

Enjoy video gaming the way you like! The days of the traditional, underpowered gaming consoles are gone. In the new era of technology, we have many advanced gaming consoles like the Microsoft Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii etc. It doesn’t matter if you are a game lover or not, the Xbox 360 launched by Microsoft in November 2005 will surely entertain you.

The Xbox 360 console has taken into consideration every aspect of video gaming and is a much improved version of the first console that was released in November 2001.

For an ultimate gaming experience you can purchase other peripherals. You can also add in the Xbox Live headset for amplification and better results. For the ones who don’t have any financial constraints, purchase the entire Microsoft Xbox 360 system, which comprises the console, a wireless controller, the Xbox Live headset, with premium chrome finish and component hard drive-AV cable. It also has Ethernet cable that helps the users to connect with other players. The hard drive of the Xbox 360 is loaded with original Xbox games and you can even download various other games from the online stores. Since the Xbox 360 enables the users to connect with four wireless controllers, it allows users to play with three other players simultaneously.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 gives players with enormous opportunities of digital entertainment. They can manage the sound of music and movies to a soothingly soft or loud volume. With the help of the Xbox 360, players can easily connect to the Internet stream digital home movies, music, photographs and graphics and other files stored in the hard disk of your PC. Players can also connect the Xbox to a high-definition TV to enhance the gaming experience. Again with the help of the Ethernet card and the Xbox Live headset, players can voice-chat with other players if connected to the Internet. Due to these innovative features, the gaming console not only allows users active gaming but also enhances socialization.

Hence, enjoy sensational games with the Microsoft Xbox 360. You can choose from a wide array of games like “Dead or Alive 4,” “Call of Duty 2” “King Kong” and racing games like “Need for Speed Most Wanted” which give a sensational gaming experience. The recently introduced Xbox games are even more life-like than the earlier ones.

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